About Us

DDR Heating, Inc. is a “new” old company. The industry is very familiar with the TruHeat and Electro-Heat names since they’ve been serving their respectful markets since the late 1950’s. What many do not know is that these two well established companies are under common ownership and management. In September of 2012 three long-term employees of Electro-Heat, David Lowman, David Blair and Randy Hunziker purchased the assets of Electro-Heat and TruHeat from the former owner and formed DDR Heating, Inc. Today, the divisions of TruHeat and Electro-Heat move forward with an emphasis on growth, quality and customer service.

Company History

In 1958, three individuals established Electro-Heat, Inc. and located the business in Allegan, MI. Their focus was the comfort heating market, industrial air / liquid processing and commercial refrigeration. In 1959, several individuals formed TruHeat, also located in Allegan, MI. Their focus was on the spa, jet, and bath markets as well as industrial air, liquid processing and commercial refrigeration.

The two companies operated independently of each other for over 40 years until the mid 2000’s when both companies came under common ownership. Over the course of several years, the current ownership of DDR Heating, Inc. worked at merging the two entities, combining production, purchasing, accounting and engineering processes. They have successfully accomplished these tasks with production currently under one roof at the TruHeat facility. Ancillary production and warehousing currently takes place at the Electro-Heat facility.